If you do possess a stoma, you do need to diet and exercise. However, this does require a bit of adjustments to this, including what’s eaten and the means to stay active. Being active though is really good for your health and wellness overall though

Stoma Diets 

The diet that you have is a bit hard, since at first you only eat soft foods to help with the bowel recovery. After that though, you can slowly push new foods into there. 

So what foods are allowed when you have a stoma? First, consider the following: 

  • Fibrous foods can be hard for ostomates. The same goes for those with skins that are rough, since it can cause bowel blockage 
  • Fizzy drinks cause gas 
  • Not all foods affect everyone the same 
  • It’s important to try and see how it reacts to you, but also don’t be afraid to try and have a range of these foods 

It’s important to consider your diet, since it does play a huge part in the way your body feels, and how you handle the output as well with your stoma

What about Exercise 

Some people don’t exercise when they have a stoma. However, it’s totally possible to do so, just make sure you talk to your doctor. 

You should also remember the following: 

  • Don’t lift anything heavy for about 12 weeks or so, or until you get a greenlight from the specialist. You can definitely do other “active” things, just hold off on super heavy lifting 
  • Start off slow, don’t’ assume that this is a race. Build it up from that point forward. 
  • Yoga and Pilates are good for strengthening the abdominal muscles and they can help you get your strength back. However, you will want to put a belt or a support band against the stoma to prevent hernias 
  • You can definitely get fitted for ostomy belts if you lie to do high-impact cardio, and it’s also good for swimming too so long as you get rid of the movements beforehand. 

Other Eating and Drinking Tips 

Typically, you want to make sure that you have at least 8 glasses of water every single day. 

You definitely will also notice you may feel diarrhea or a bit of constipation especially with a colostomy if it involves foods that you don’t like. The best thing to do if that happens is to remove, then slowly integrate. 

As for an ileostomy, you need to stay hydrated, since you can lose a lot of vitamins and minerals, especially salts. 

You should definitely rehydrate yourself with those rehydration solutions. 

Ileostomies are much more prone to those blockages too, so always make sure that you chew the fruits and veggies if they have tough skins, and try to remove the skins. 

But remember with all of this, you never have to fully remove all of the foods period. Just make sure that you eat them sparingly, and try it out. if you notice that you fee. Better when you have one food over the other, make sure to adjust the diet accordingly. 

Always make sure that you are drinking enough water period. This is especially true with those that have colostomies that are high-output or ileostomies, since of course, this can definitely play a part in it. 

You don’t have to forgo diet and exercise because of an ostomy, but the big thing to remember is some adjustments will need to be made, so always make sure that you do work with them accordingly to offer the best results that you can out of this.