There are plenty of different products that you can use to care for the stoma. At first, the nurse will choose it, but you may get a different type of pouch as well.

All stomas either come with bags that are closed, drainable or open, and also include a flat or convex wafer, but also there are other accessories to help with the skin and the security of the bag as well. 

Here, we’ll go over the best stoma care products to use, especially if you’re looking to truly get the bet stoma care possible

First, the bags! 

First, let’s talk stoma care bags. 

The first one is a closed bag, one without openings, and usually is used for colostomies, especially those who have a stool that is solid and is changed as needed. 

Then you have the drainable or open bag, which is used for those that have a liquid output, typically for ileostomies, and usually, they’re emptied from the bottom portion when necessary, and are changed every 3-4 days or so. Some may prefer this if they have higher stoma output 

Then there is the urostomy bag, which has a tap that drains the urine as needed. These usually are changed every few days. 

You have options as well: one-piece or two pieces. One-piece bags are when the wafer and the system itself are then put together and they both need to be changed. However, these are much flatter to the body. 

Then there is the two-piece, which is the wafer or base and the bag, so you just have to change the bag a bit. These are better for those who have sensitive skin, in order to prevent irritation. 

You also have convex wafers and bags that are pushing the stoma outwards if it’s inverted, to prevent leaks. 

Stoma Cap 

If you’re someone who prefers not to wear a bag, then you might get a chance to possibly wear a bag or a cap that is easier to take off during irrigations. 

The cap is circular and comes with a filter that’s worn over your stoma. They are much more discreet, and you don’t’ have to wear a bag. If you have a mucous fistula, you may also wear these too. 

Sprays, Wipes, and Waste 

When it comes to stoma products,  it isn’t just the barrier and the bag, but there are other things as well. 

First, you’ve got the remover and adhesive sprays, which are used to attach the bag without worrying about damaging the skin. They offer both scented and unscented, depending on your comfort. 

The barrier rings along with the paste are then used to help fill in the cracks, gaps, or creases that are around the stoma, in order to prevent the output from seeping underneath the bag, creating leaks or hurting the skin. There are many types out there, and you can order these directly from the supplier too. 

Then you have the barrier sprays and powders, which are used if you’re using the wafter, and you have sensitive skin. This does prevent damages too. 

It also can help with sticking much more effectively too. 

You can get fragranced ones, and even little drops that the ostomate can use inside the pouch, along with a lot of different ways to also neutralize odors. You can order these too. 

Finally, we have wafer extenders, which are put around the outer portion of the bag to create the bigger wafer location and better security for your bag. If you’re swimming or wearing this for a bit longer, it’s good to use. 

And there you have it, the most popular accessories.