Having stomas shouldn’t affect travel, but instead just requires planning in advance. Here are some helpful tips to aid you when traveling while with a stoma

Make Sure to Have Ample Supplies. 

This should be obvious, but you should make sure that you have enough supplies to change your pouch more.  Pouches also are subjected to heat, and if you are changing your diet, this may require you to change the bag more. 

It’s important to at least have double of what’s normally used, and if you haven’t ordered ahead of time, it’s in your best interest to do so. 

Pack in The Carry On 

This is also an obvious one, but you shouldn’t pack this in the checked bags. If it does get misplaced, you may have to pay more for replacements, and it may not be possible.  You should definitely see if you can pack it in the carry-on, and if you don’t have room, ask if you can have a second carry-on for medical reasons. 

You may want to take wipes instead of sprays, since there is no size limit, and you should make sure pre-cut the wafers before you put them in. 


The worst thing that can happen is if you’re in the UK, you may not know where a good restroom is to change out the stoma bag. You should consider getting a RADAR key for free if you haven’t already. There is also a “just can’t wait” card to help you get a toilet quicker when you need to change. You can get them by ordering them and making sure you also have it as a digital smartwatch tool that’s easy to use! 

Stoma Travel Insurance 

It’s important to make sure that if you do need treatment while you’re traveling, you can have this arranged. Travel insurance is good especially if you do have to get it done in the event of an emergency. You also should declare these health issues to a travel insurance agent. That way, you can get the coverage that’s fitting for you. 

Health insurance Cards 

You should also make sure that you have health insurance when you are traveling that covers stays in other places, whether abroad or within the country. 

If this has expired, you might need to reapply for this, so that you can get the healthcare necessary. You also may want to check your travel insurance though to see if it covers the same stuff that your health insurance does. If you need insurance for one condition that health insurance doesn’t cover, make sure to fix this accordingly. 

Drink Bottled Water 

Finally, make sure that no matter where you’re traveling, you try to drink bottled water. 

Some places have water that’ll upset stomachs, and make you sick normally, and for those who have an ostomy bag, it’s even harder for you to deal with. to prevent that from happening, you should make sure that you have bottled water on handle to help soothe those empty stomachs. 

In the event that you can’t get bottled water for one reason or another, you want to make sure that you’ve got a travel kettle on hand so that you can heat up the water to get rid of impurities before you do have it. It also is good if you plan to make coffee or tea, since it’ll help to heat this up. 

And there you have it, the best tips for traveling as an ostomate. It’s important to prepare, so make sure that you do take the time to prepare.